Hauling Exclusions

We safely and efficiently ship freight across your region, the country, the continent, and the globe. We always strive to accommodate special requests, but there are certain hazardous materials and other sensitive items that we can’t haul. Please contact Estes Forwarding Worldwide or Time Critical to find alternative services for these excluded commodities.

The Do-Not-Haul List

Hazardous Materials

Estes does not haul the following hazardous materials:

• Hazard Class 1, Division 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3
• Hazard Class 1, Division 1.5, requiring placards, exceeding 1,000 pounds

Infectious substances
• Hazard Class 6.2, including UN2900, UN2814, UN3374, and UN3291

Hazardous waste

Liquefied gas
• Includes refrigerated liquid methane, liquid propane, or other liquefied gas with methane content greater than 85%, in packaging exceeding 3,500 gallons


Poison Inhalation Hazards
• Hazard Zone A, of any nature
• Hazard Zone B, in bulk containers, exceeding 119 gallons
• Hazard Zone C, in packaging exceeding 3,500 gallons

Radioactive materials

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) or batteries
• Cannot be connected in series in a steel cabinet

Prohibited or Restricted Articles

The following materials are prohibited from shipping, or restricted where indicated:

Compressed gas cylinders (loose)
• Larger cylinders must ship upright and locked in place on a steel shipping skid
• Smaller 20 lb. cylinders may be shipped in individual cartons (palletized)

Controlled substances (Title 21, USC)
• Schedules I, II, III, IV, and V

Copy or duplicating machines
• Requires Estes management approval

Furniture picked up from private residences
• Requires Estes management approval

Handling units weighing more than 4,000 pounds

Items with wheels
• Includes cabinets, cars, forklifts, motorcycles, bicycles, or any other vehicles, vessels, tools, or equipment with tires, wheels, rollers, or casters that can be rolled on or off a trailer

Live plants

• Includes hemp plants, leaves, and oil, as well as hemp in the raw and CBDs derived from hemp
• CBD oils or other products that contain THC
• Synthetic cannabinoids

Powderized pigments
• Includes lampblack, carbonized charcoal, paint, dyes, and carbon black

Personal effects
• Released value must not exceed $0.10/pound

Scrap tires

Uncrated machinery

Used machinery
• Released value must not exceed $0.10/pound

Extraordinary Value

These items cannot be shipped unless otherwise noted:

Bank bills

Coin or currency



Items with declared value in excess of $25.00 per pound

• Excludes costume or novelty jewelry

Original works of art
• Excludes pictures or paintings shipped as household goods with a maximum release value of $5.00 per pound

Postage stamps

Precious metals and stones

Letters, with or without stamps
• Excludes U.S. Mail from one U.S. Post Office to another

Marble figures

Museum articles or articles of antiquity
• Except antiques shipped as household goods or Federal Reserve coin exhibits

Revenue stamps
• Excludes U.S. Internal Revenue Distilled Spirits stamps, which are accepted for volume or truckload shipments only

Valuable papers of any kind

Visual communicating or monitoring devices
• Includes televisions, video, or multimedia monitors, or displays other than CRT (cathode ray tube)

Liable to Damage Other Freight

Such freight may be accepted and receipted for, subject to delay for suitable equipment, or refused for lack of suitable equipment.